Al Gore – polarizing Global Warming
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Al Gore – polarizing Global Warming


You recently did a post that featured a video by John Stossel. The video was clearly against the concept that man is contributing to Global Warming. You and I talked before you created this post and you and I both agreed that this is not a time for finger pointing – it is a time for action. We agreed because you and I both believe that something is happening to our climate and we believe that man is contributing. We believe the science is overwhelming in favor of the warming of the planet.

So what is the problem. It is a real dichotomy. The dichotomy rests partly with Al Gore. Mr. Gore has been a political figure since birth – his father was in the Senate. Mr. Gore served as a Representative, a Senator, and a Vice President – all as a Democrat in a time when Democrats were furiously labeled ‘liberal’ by the conservative right. So the label follows Al Gore. The label attaches itself to the science of Global Warming. How tragic.

Our planet as we know it is threatened. Our livelihoods are threatened. Our children are threatened. And the liberals and conservatives are sadly playing the game, dancing the waltz of politics, each trying to lead. When both dance partners try to lead there can only be catastrophe.

This is not a win/lose situation. It is either win/win or lose/lose. Neither the liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, Religious liberal or wacko, can win at the expense of the other. It does not make any difference. The human race will suffer. Sadly, animals that cannot protect themselves will suffer first – and much more than humans.

The earth will recover – it always has. There have been huge comets or asteroids strike our planet – killing almost everything – but the earth’s atmosphere ultimately regenerated and survived. The earth will survive the atrocities of man – but man may not be here to appreciate that resilience.

Al Gore deserves the Nobel Prize for bringing awareness to the issue of Global Warming. He also gets credit for some of the flack being thrown by conservatives.


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  1. I have regularly read the exchange between you and your son. Although I don’t always agree with everything, I have always found them thoughtful and thought-provoking.

    And we certainly are all in this together.

  2. Hi,

    I have many “conservative” friends. All of them are very good people. However, I don’t know why they don’t care about the environment. It is sad that the “liberals” and “Democrats” are the only people who carry the flag of environment. As a father of two young children, I think the environment is the most important issue. I have no choice but to follow the people who carries the flag of environment, even though I am a conservative person.


  3. Steven,
    Very well said. My point in the post was simply that some conservatives will oppose environmental change merely because Al Gore supports it. Many of the problems we face in our country become enmeshed in partisan bickering and the original debate is lost.
    Thanks for writing.

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