Cabela’s Deer Camp – no Assault Rifles
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Cabela’s Deer Camp – no Assault Rifles


There is a big advertisement inserted into this morning’s newspaper. The title is catching: Cabela’s countdown to Deer Camp. Cabela’s is a big outdoor paraphernalia producer and marketer. The colorful ad is four full pages. One entire page is dedicated to arming oneself for the foray into the wild – the firearm must be the central ingredient of successful deer hunting. Firearms are clearly associated with Deer Hunting – there is not one assault rifle to be found in the advertisement. Cabela’s knows. Cabela’s is wise to not mention the NRA anywhere in their ad.

Gore-Tex and Thinsulate seem to be necessary for all things worn, from boots to bibs, to jackets to head gear. There is a Kodi-Pak complete field dressing system, including a skinner, gut hook, caper, and saw – all neatly packaged in a leather sheath to be worn from the belt. If a person has never been deer hunting then you just have to let your imagination run wild with the Kodi-Pak.

Of course there are high tech tents and sleeping bags and ‘Trophy Binoculars’ and backpacks. Technology has entered the world of deer hunting – there is a Bushnell ‘Trail Sentry Game Camera.’ Whooee – I have been deer hunting several times and I generally felt guilty that the deer had his antlers for protection and I had a scope mounted Remington bolt action 30-06 – accurate at 300+ yards. It seemed to me that the antlers were at a disadvantage. I have assaulted a couple of deer in my time – and the Koki-Pak came in real handy.

The top half of the front page of the ad is a picture of the Deer Camp. Two good old boys, relaxing around a campfire – one has a cup of coffee in those classic blue camp cups, the other is holding his rifle. Don’t get carried away with the coffee buddy.

Don’t get me wrong. As I have said, I have been deer hunting, and camping is one of my favorite recreational activities. I even have a Gore-Tex hat and Gore-Tex boots. I have hiked the summits of 8 fourteener’s in Colorado – always setting up base camp with the help of Cabela’s. My gun cabinet is full of the necessary rifles and shotguns to do any type of hunting that America offers. I am not threatened by ‘gun control.’

Camping is a wonderful family activity. I am proud to promote the Missouri Department of Conservation – I have worked in the past to help promote the 1/4 % sales tax for conservation in Missouri. And I believe that Missouri’s Conservation Department is second to none. There are State Parks, Wildlife Areas, and Campgrounds in every nook and cranny of this State. All for the enjoyment of our citizens.

The folks at the NRA (National Rifle Association) should read the Cabela’s ad – repeat – there are no assault rifles to be found in the Cabela’s ad. The NRA finds itself conflicted – they are folks who at one time were all about gun safety – they were all about promoting responsible and safe hunting. I even belonged to the NRA back in the 1970’s. Today I would be embarrassed to be a member.

If assault rifles were a necessary item in hunting big game in America – wouldn’t you thing that Cabela’s would be on to that?

There is tragedy sweeping our country. The tragic mix of boys without fathers, and the wild-eyed defense of assault rifles by the NRA. This is a really bad recipe.


There ought to be one day – just one – when there is open season on senators.Will Rogers, American Comedian

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  1. There is no wild eyed defense of assault rifles. There is a wild eyed defense of one of our basic rights recognized by the Bill of Rights. That right has nothing to do with your recreational activities. You are an outdoorsman and a hunter. I trust that you pursue those pursuits responsibly. In hunting as all other firearm related activities there is a great deal of responsibility in regards to employing, maintaining, and storing said firearms. If another person is to pursue their rights pertaining to firearms in a responsibly like manner their choice of make and model should not be the issue of importance. For my part I have only assaulted paper targets with a civilian semi auto derivative of an assault rifle. I too am not threatened by “gun control” as pertaining to keeping firearms from criminals and the mentally unstable. I am concerned with “gun control” as a veiled agenda in the banning of civilian firearms. True assault rifles are highly controlled and registered. Civilian semi-auto derivatives of such firearms politically called “assault weapons” are statistically less involved in crime than handguns or shotguns yet they are for some reason the focus of “gun control”. It’s a red herring and red meat for ill informed or selectively informed political groups. If you still don’t care because such proposed “assault weapon” legislation doesn’t affect your chosen sport bear in mind that there is currently a revised “assault weapon” ban proposed in congress that includes semi-auto shotguns under the classification of “assault weapon”. Ooops, there goes some of your duck and deer hunting rifles. Also enumerated in the proposed ban are weapons of .50 caliber and greater. Ooops, there goes your black powder rifles. Now do you care that such careless legislation is being proposed? If you would regard me as a wild eyed assault rifle nut then please look up Jim Zumbo a well regarded hunter and writer who so was recently of your opinion. He has since looked into the matter and now publicly recants his former opinion as ignorant.

  2. I was unaware that anyane advocated hunting with genuine assault rifles, which are tightly restricted by federal law. I’m trying to figure out just what point you’re attempting to make here.

  3. I assume the point is twofold. Firstly, that assualt rifles are not necessary to kill deer. Secondly, that young boys w/o the guidance of a father will use an assualt rifle in an unlawful way. Both points are without merit.

    Claiming that something is not necessary does not provide a valid reason to restrict its use. If it did then all the soccer moms in the world would have to give up their SUVs b/c no one NEEDS a bus to pick up the groceries.

    I dont even know how to argue the other point, lol. It’s just ridiculous to think that if a child uses an assualt rifle in the wrong manner, that it is the assualt rifle’s fault.

    The whole problem seems to be that these guns are called “assualt rifles” and they look dangerous. I know that these guns were designed to kill people, but as far as potential and actual killing power, these guns are not as accurate, not as reliable, nor do they have the range of compariable over the counter hunting rifles. As a matter of fact, given the choice, I would rather be shoot at with an AK-47 or AR-15 than a 460 Weatherby Magnum or a 450 Marlin. The last two guns mentioned are big game rifles capable of downing an elephant with one shot and have over 3000 ft/lb of knock down power, which is three times that of an AR-15. The problem is that most criminals chose assualt rifles to do their dirty deeds, probably b/c of lower costs. The assualt weapons costs are lower b/c these rifles are not as well made as most hunting rifles. If you ever pick up an AK, you will know what I mean. They are cheap and sloppy guns, not to say they are not a good weapon for their purpose, but just that a higher quality hunting weapon of a similiar caliber is a more effective weapon.

    I guess my point is, outlawing assualt rifles is not going to stop people from shooting one another.

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