Democratic Debate II – October 30
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Democratic Debate II – October 30

I posted my last commentary after a half an hour. I was trying to capture actual quotes from the candidates. After posting that hodge-podge of information, I sat back and just listened. I am beside myself with conflict. We have some really fine people running for President on the Democratic ticket.

I like Joe Biden. I have always liked Joe Biden. He has been down this road before and has been a regular on the Sunday talk shows. He is regularly invited because he is regularly involved in important legislation and he has demonstrated regular leadership in the Senate. He has the right attitude and he asks the correct questions.

I like Chris Dodd. Senator Dodd is an experienced, intelligent, and mature man of vast knowledge of the issues. He has solid values and a solid willingness to help our country.

I like John Edwards. My only fear with Senator Edwards is in his potential ability to gain consensus in the Congress on his very well articulated issues. He has good fundamental understandings of the issues and he is truly an advocate of the people. He is pretty smart – I don’t fear that anyone will pull any wool over his eyes.

I like Hillary Clinton. She is almost too good to be true. They went after he tonight and she met the challenge with forceful poise – that takes a special kind of person. Her grasp of the issues is second to none. My fear is in the enormous amounts of money she has been able to raise from special interest groups – I just do not know how much that will weigh on her decisions.

I like Barack Obama. He is probably the brightest light on the stage. He has a unique ability to look at the forest while others are trying to save a tree. But his lack of experience is a little unnerving. I listened to him talk about his experience and then listened to Biden and Dodd address the same issue – their experience. Whoa – they blew him out of the water. How important is experience? I would say that one should never underestimate Barack Obama. He is a quick study.

Dennis Kucinich is remarkably reasonable, thoughtful, and purposeful. I fear his ideas would be met with huge resistance and his Presidency would be an exercise if frustration.

Bill Richardson has the experience necessary, and he would be acceptable. Governor Richardson just does not excite me with his ideas or his strategies to fix the problems.

You folks in Iowa have your hands full. Please be diligent so the rest of us who have no say in this affair will have good choices.

Democratic Debate October 30 – 8-9:30 PM

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