Government up side down
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Government up side down


My friends call me a liberal. That is because I live in a small town in the midwest where everyone hates hate crimes, and anyone who supports them. There is a real dichotomy in the lexicon of liberal and conservative. I am opposed to the Federal Government having more power of surveillance on the American Population.

The dichotomy arises because, as a liberal, I am purportedly in favor of bigger government, more government intervention, less citizen control. My notion has been that the Founding Fathers were liberals – after all they wrote the Bill of Rights. That nasty little document that protects criminals – actually, it protects citizens from unwarranted government intervention. Less government intervention – liberal – that seem simple.

The current ‘conservative’ Administration dumbfounds my sensibilities. It is as if they have turned all the preconceived ideas about liberals and conservatives up side down. More government intervention, more spending, more government power… I don’t get it.


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