Step 2 – Hope
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Step 2 – Hope


Step Two of twelve states clearly – and with confidence: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

That is a mouthful, especially after the brutality of Step One. They tell us we are powerless – not much hope there. And our lives are unmanageable – if that is the case then why bother – all is lost. Step two is a step of Hope – the beginning of a solution. But Step Two introduces the catching point for many – a Power greater than self.

The AA book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 x 12), identifies several obstacles of mentality hindering people from embracing this step.

Some people flat out refuse to believe in anything more powerful than them. We humans are at the top of the food chain. It seems we are even so powerful as to be able to affect climate itself. Not much more powerful than that. A point that I will reiterate throughout this diatribe on addiction is that the suggestion is of ‘a’ Power, not ‘the’ Power. A Power greater than self is in the eyes of the beholder. And never forget that these steps are but suggestions – don’t get too hung up, “Take it easy” the 12 X 12 says. The important thing here is to keep an open mind. The mental attribute required here is the same as is required of any self-respecting scientist – an open mind. “Make A.A. your Higher Power” the book continues. These people have solved a problem that the practicing addict cannot solve – thus they have greater power.

A difficult person to reach is the person who has had faith and has lost it, “…those who have become prejudiced against religion, and those who are downright defiant…” Faith or no faith – what is the difference – life is what it is. This hopelessness of attitude is a killer. The person of lost faith is the saddest, most confused, and beleaguered of all. Again – this is but one step – trust in the process and move to the next step.

There is some human egotistical satisfaction in finding fault with people of faith. Presidents go to church in the morning and drop bombs on women and children in Baghdad in the afternoon. Clearly, as the distorted logic goes, people of faith are just hypocrites. A program of recovery from addiction is not about the behavior of others – it is about the behavior of self. The judgment of others becomes a convenient distraction from ‘To thine own self be true.” What does the Bible say, “Take the plank from your own eye before removing the splinter from the eye of the other.”

Forget that Bible quote – this is not about the Bible or Christianity. This is about letting go and trusting others to help. This is about having an open mind. This is about a strategy for finding a useful and healthy faith.

This is about Hope.


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