Step 7 – Humility
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Step 7 – Humility


Step Seven of Twelve is the essence of the entire program. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

The essential character trait is Humility.

Without humility adversity will overwhelm us. But first, some clarity about what humility is – and what it is not. Humility is actually a very healthy self-esteem. Humility recognizes that we are not better than other people – and we are not worse than other people. We are equal in our humanness. We are equal in the eyes of whatever Higher Power one chooses. Humility defines our relationship with our fellow man.

Each of us have different talents and gifts. Some can sing, some dance, some paint, some write – and some even cipher. An automobile mechanic and a carpenter have the unique gift of seeing things three-dimensionally. Parts fit together for a reason; These things just make sense to them. Some can understand quantum physics; some understand philosophy, some love great works of literature. To each his own.

A healthy self concept does not need to feel superior to others, does not need to strike out in anger to maintain that sense of superiority. A healthy self concept does not fear the talents of others; does not fear a comparison will leave them on the short end. A healthy self concept celebrates the talents and success of others. A healthy self concept embraces life and seeks to fulfill destiny by nurturing potential.

The greatest sin is in the loss or lack of nourishment of individual potential. Addiction steal potential. There is a spiritual connection – One can think about our potential, our gifts and talents, as being on loan to us from our creator. These gifts separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. My charge, as I interpret my spirituality, is to seek out my potential and nurture that potential to the greatest extent. To fail to nurture one’s potential is the greatest sin – failing to respect the spiritual quality of our humanness. To the extent that addiction denies potential is the extent of spiritual ‘sin.’

It follows that humans are blessed with awareness; awareness of our very existence, of time and space, of society, of our impact on others and on our neighbors in the Earth’s ecosystem. This awareness is a gift – and humility defines our respect for this gift.

Humility defines us in the context of our fellow man. Humility has a healthy relationship with others. Humility is respectful and trustworthy, pure and honest, kind and forgiving.

“Blessed are the meek…”


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