Who is Lindsay Lohan?
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Who is Lindsay Lohan?


I was in a Blockbuster Video Store the other day, rummaging around in the pre-viewed movies. Much to my joy I found a DVD titled A Prairie Home Companion. Garrison Keillor has been one of my favorite entertainers for twenty years, and the price of the previously viewed movie was right – so I was off to home with my new rummage sale treasure. This little snippet of my life should suggest that I am not exactly a party animal, nor am I well versed in pop culture.

So I watched the movie, enjoying every minute of Meryl Streep and Lilly Tomlin, and some young girl who played Meryl Streep’s daughter in the movie. This young girl captured my attention – I had never seen her before and was not at all aware that I was watching a pop culture icon. When the movie was over I watched the credits to see who she was. Lindsay Lohan, the credits reported. Hmm, I wondered who she was.

A couple of days later I was channel surfing, bored with network television and having already memorized “The Beginning of the Solar System” on National Geographic. The TV Guide channel offered some hope. I noticed the Disney Channel was running a remake of Freaky Friday – my dulled senses picked out the names on the marque, Jammie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. Whoa, there is that name again – so I watched about twenty minutes. The movie is not great, but I was again intrigued by this young actress, Miss Lohan.

You must surely be thinking by now that I live at the science station on the south pole – for surely I would have heard of Lindsay Lohan. A couple of days later found me channel surfing again, trying to work off a second helping of french fries. Entertainment Tonight is a program that I am barely aware of but as I passed through that neighborhood I noticed a picture of Miss Lohan. I stopped to catch up. It seems that Miss Lohan is closely associated with the contemporary girls rat pack of Paris Econolodge and Brittany Speakeasy. Did I spell their names correctly? Who cares?

I learned that Miss Lohan had become ill and had checked herself into a medical facility in Utah or Nevada or somewhere. It seems, according to Entertainment Tonight, that many celebrities suffer this illness, and many seek medical care. It also seems that Lindsay Lohan is a little different than the image portrayed by the lusting media.

Miss Lohan left the medical facility but chose to stay in the area, not returning immediately to the Hollywood party scene. Her spokesperson said she was putting her health before her career. Hmm, again I found myself wondering about this talented and gifted person. Perhaps there is a little maturity taking place.

Something positive strikes me about Lindsay Lohan. I would like to talk with her. I am curious about her health issues and how she understands these issues. Whenever talent is wasted with an illness that can be arrested there should be a feeling of sadness. The folks at Entertainment Tonight seemed gleeful to have something to talk about.

What sadness. Who is this young girl, Lindsay Lohan?


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