Mizzou – Show Me State heroes
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Mizzou – Show Me State heroes


This was a big night in Missouri. The MU Tigers are going to the first Big 12 Championship Game in their history. They managed a win over the formidable Kansas Jayhawks. When I say managed, I mean that they took a forceful early lead and then managed the game. I don’t think the general public realized the talent that Mizzou commands. Missouri won 36 to 28. It was a very exciting game for all of the fans – hey, it was even exciting for people like me who generally don’t follow the game.

A little about the game – Chase Daniels, Mizzou’s Heisman Candidate Quarterback, threw to nine different receivers. In an interview after the game the interviewer asked him about his ability to pull off this astounding feat – he responded like the class guy he is – he said, “Isn’t it nice to have that many players to throw to?” He gave credit to his team. Another reason to vote for Daniels for the Heisman.

Kansas scored all of their 28 points in the second half – a testament to their veracity, their courage, and a statement of their character. This is truly a proud day in the Big 12.

But there is more. Missouri and Kansas are both 11 – 1 teams. Here’s the best part. If Mizzou beats Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game – theoretically Missouri and Kansas could both be ranked in the top twelve in the nation and both of the teams could end up in major bowl games. This is really exciting for us Kansas City folks – It translates into an economic boom for both Universities – bringing better education to the neighborhood.

We should also note that many writers and sports analysts talked about the ‘Border Wars.’ Tonight we saw Jayhawk and Tiger fans sitting together – with friendly trash talk – but general camaraderie. This event was successful at all levels.

This is a Cinderella year for both Missouri and Kansas. Neither team has been anywhere near to being a powerhouse in college level football. We just have to be happy for all.

It is on to Oklahoma – and there is cause for all Tiger and Jayhawk fans to root for Mizzou – the season is not over. The Big 12 Championship will be played in San Antonio. Because of the rise of Mizzou as a championship caliber team the eyes of the sports nation will be watching. If Mizzou wins – they could be playing for the BCS Championship – national champions, the top game, the big dog.

Dude – this is exciting.


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  2. As a result of the Missouri win over the Kansas Jayhawks, the team in gold and black will move on to face the Oklahoma Sooners in the Big XII Championship Dec. 1 in San Antonio.

    Now, in Columbia and elsewhere throughout the Show-Me State, Tigers fans are excited about three things:

    A chance to even the score with the Sooners after losing 41-31 in an Oct. 13 battle in Norman;

    A shot at winning their first Big XII Conference title; and

    An opportunity to play in the BCS Championship Jan. 8 in New Orleans.

    Before they get too excited about their prospects, however, Tigers fans need to remember one thing: M-I-Z-Z-O-U ends in OU

    Enough said. BOOMER SOONER!

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