MU and OU – A Trail of Tears to the Dust Bowl
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MU and OU – A Trail of Tears to the Dust Bowl


The Sooners are going to experience another Trail of Tears on Saturday.   They will be marched to San Antonio where they will find the unforgiving Mizzou Tigers.  Mizzou earned their right to this Big 12 Title Game, Oklahoma is there by default.

The default is in their lucky win in Oklahoma over the Tigers this season.  Missouri made some mistakes that Oklahoma was able to capitalize on – just luck breaks.  The Sooners had all they wanted – and the upcoming Dust Bowl will be see the crowning of new Champions.

Missou went into hostile territory a few weeks ago without their star running back – and with their weakened offense took the game to the Sooners.  Mizzou is on the march, they are stepping in cadence, they are at full strength.

The Sooners will be crying all the way back to Oklahoma.


Good natured trash talk is just so much fun.

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