Republican CNN YouTube Debate – November 28
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Republican CNN YouTube Debate – November 28


A new event is happening in America. The CNN YouTube Presidential Debate. I am skeptical but hopeful. I remember the first televised debate between Kennedy and Nixon in 1960. That event ushered in a new technology – we are seeing another. I’ll try to keep up.

A question to Giuliani on Immigration – the suggestion is that New York was a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Guiliani – “This is not the case. We did allow the children of illegals to go to school which helped prevent crime. We allowed illegals to report crimes against them. We also offered health care…but we did report illegal aliens….the federal policies were not working…”

Governor Romney – “Massachusettes was not a sanctuary…but the Mayor of New York fought the federal government on this issues… We welcome people here legally… the Mayor said that we welcome illegal aliens…”

Guiliani “Mitt criticizes where he is most at fault… he employed illegals in his home… ”

Romney “Mayor, you know better than that… It is offensive to suggest that if you hire a company to work on your home and they have illegals that you are responsible. Is that what you are suggesting…”

Guiliani and Romney go at it, whooee. charges are flying back and forth. These guys are really hot about putting down illegal aliens – they are competing to see who can be the most offensive to immigrants.

Anderson Cooper is trying to intervene.

Another question on amnesty for illegals. Senator Thompson, “A nation that cannot and will not defend it’s own borders cannot remain a sovereign nation… We need to put the legal aliens first and eliminate sanctuary cities… Gov Romney supported Bush until a short time ago – now he has changed. Guiliani says everyone one is responsible for everyone they hire but we have all had people we hire that are bad decisions.”

Senator McCain “Yes I would veto amnesty… This whole debate saddens me… In 1986 we passed a law that gave amnesty and now we have many more illegals… The status Quo is unaceptable… we need a temporary worker program… we need to defend the borders but the people dont believe us because we have some many failures like Katrina… We need to recognize that these are God’s children as well… We will solve this immigration problem…”

Congressman Tancredo “I’ve just been a bookkend on these debates but I am happy that the others are trying to out tancredo-Tancredo.”

More question on immigration, will I have a job if you keep letting guest workers come in? Tancredo, “I am not going to allow illegal immigration… I reject the idea that there are jobs that no American will take… Am I going to feel sorry if some business has to increase the wages to pay Americans – no way… most of the drugs came in to this country through the Mexican border… As President I will build a border fence…”

To Huckabee, military in Iraq – their children will pay three times the rate of illegals to go to college. Huckabee, “We never gave special privileges to immigrant children. We did give the same privilege to those who had been in our system – but the bill did not pass – the bill would have said that you will not be punished because your parents committed a crime – if you are an exceptional student they you should have the right to an education… These people become taxpayers… I have proposed a verterans bill of rights…”

To Romney – is Huckabee a liberal “Yes, he has given rights to illegal aliens… that is wrong…”

Huckabee “I worked my way through college and we were not giving anything to anyone… We are a better country than to punish children for what their parents did.”

Romney “Are we going to give taxpayer money to illegal immigrants?”

To Ron Paul – Conspiracy theories about merging American and Mexico: Ron Paul, “Tri-lateral commission exists. There is a conspiracy of ideas. There is a move on for a north American union. It is not a conspiracy but these ideas are out there and money is being spent on them… Do we believe in our country or are we going to move to a more international government… I am against all of that… Our national soverignty is under threat.”

Trillions of dollars in national debt – what do you do? McCain, “We cam to power to change government and government changed us… I have a record of fighting against wasteful spending… As President I would veto pork barrel bills…”

Romney: “The senator is right, veto pork bills… It has to be broader, we need to see fundamental change in the way Washington works… The first thing is entitlements – set a cap on all non military spending…”

Guiliani: “We should not rehire half of the federal employees that will retire in the next ten years… 22% of programs are failing…”

GOP once less for less government – but spending has increased, what are top three programs to reduce. ” Thompson: ” It is a target rich environment… Mitt is right about entitlements… Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid must be addressed. The OMB is coming out with a list of 100 programs – we should look at all of them… ”

Ron Paul, “Our foreign policidy is costing us a trillion dollars a year.”

Huckabee, “We should get rid of the IRS and replace it with another tax.”

McCain to Ron Paul, “Your kind of isolationism is what caused World War II… We allowed Hitler to come to power with that kind of attitude.” There are boos and cheers from the audience.

Ron Paul: “Why do I get the most money from active duty officer personnel… McCain does not understand the difference between isolationism and non proliferation..”

What about tax increase – will you oppose: Tancredo, “Yes I have the highest rating for tax reform.”

Huckabee Yes

Guiliano Yes

Thompson Yes, never met a tax I like but I don’t do pledges to anyone but American people

McCain – I will not pledge to an individual group – my record speaks for itself.

Paul – you have to cut spending.

YouTube: Farm Subsidies – willl you eliminate them?:

Romney: “It is important for farmers to be able to stay on the farm and raise our food… renewable energy comes from the farm… we are competing with other countries that subsidizes farmers…”

Guiliani: “Romney is right – other countries subsidize farmers and we have to have our own supply of food.”

Politico broke a story about Guiliani: “It is not true. I had 24 hours security while Mayor because of threats… I had nothing to do with the handling of the records.”

CNN shows some political YouTube videos.

My impression to this point: Guiliani and Romney are the best at talking about details like immigration drivers licenses. Tancredo is a single issue candidate. Thompson actually presented better than in the past – He is alive and alert and witty. Ron Paul seems to operate on the fringe of reality – he uses some facts to project bizarre results – Ron Paul takes great leaps of logic.

Once again, I have to say that the same two keep rising to the top of the reasonable heap – McCain and Huckabee. Mike Huckabee and John McCain seem to have the broad understanding of issues and their solutions are based on principles.

Of the whole bunch – I like John McCain. I differ with him on the Iraq War – but at least he presents reasonable and thoughtful reason and purpose. John McCain earns my trust – trust that he will act responsibly on behalf of American. McCain does not strike me as self serving – he is a legitimate leader and deserves attention from all of us.


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