The Alamo – The Tigers get no respect
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The Alamo – The Tigers get no respect


There is a big game tonight in college football. You know that I am only a casual observer of college sports – but even casual observers have to take note of this game. The Missouri Tigers haven’t won a conference football championship since 1969. They were not even ranked when this season started. Today the MU Tigers are ranked number 1 in the nation.

The game tonight is being played in San Antonio, Texas. The location of the famous Alamo. The question tonight is: Which team hosts Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie? Who is Colonel Travis? Who is invading who?

Traditionally, the OU Sooners would be the invading Mexicans – preparing to really hammer the courageous but hopeless Alamo defenders. The Missouri Tigers, much like the band of hillbilly’s that stood together in the church in San Antonio, are seen as valiant heroes. They are talented, tough, and resilient – but they don’t have the experience of the big game.

The Tigers have one loss this season – to the Sooners. But the Tiger fans argue that OU had home field advantage, the Tigers were without their star running back ( Tony Temple from KC), and the Tigers just made some critical mistakes. Sooners fans laugh at these diatribes of mere excuses. The final score of the first meeting was 41 – 31, OU. Missouri led 24 to 23 going into the fourth quarter.

The Tigers quarterback, Chase Daniels, is in competition for the Heisman Trophy. Their star tight end, Martin Rucker, is a native of my home town – so we feel some pride in his accomplishment.

The Sooners are 3.5 point favorites going into the game – that is justified on their past record. Their coach, Bob Stoops, has earned the nickname ‘Big Game Bob.’ What can you say? He wins big games. The Tigers get no respect.

The Tigers are going to rewrite history tonight. The defenders of the Number 1 ranking are going to preserve their dignity with a win, rather than with just courage. The Sooners will face a Missouri team tonight that is at full strength.

New Orleans, get ready for an invasion of Tigers.


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