Imus and Sharpton – still haggling
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Imus and Sharpton – still haggling


Good for Don Imus. He has overcome adversity and is returning to the Radio airways. I am not an Imus kind of guy – I may be a smart-alack like him – but our philosophies are different. But this is not about me – it is about redemption from the pettiness of Al Sharpton.

Racial discrimination is a disgusting notion. One should never support racism – but Don Imus is not a racist. He is a provocative radio commentator who is intentionally sarcastic. How come? Simply put, this is America, the land of the free capitalist – and people enjoy clever commentary. It doesn’t have to be smart – just clever.

Imus regularly attacks anyone or any idea that crosses his mind. That is his attraction. People listen to hear what he is going to say next. People like Al Sharpton listen – like vultures – looking for an opportunity. Al Sharpton is not interested in fighting racism – racism is his bread and butter – Sharpton is only interested in promoting himself. Without the hate of racism Sharpton would have to look for real work – and that is just not his intention.

Sharpton doesn’t understand Barack Obama, or Oprah, or Bill Cosby – or thousands of other African Americans who have managed to transcend race. In fact, successful black Americans discredit his arguments by their mere existence.

The most telling caricature of American Media Discourse is in the feud between Imus and Sharpton. Why does anyone care that these two are arguing? The whole toot about Imus’s comments served only Sharpton and Imus – it did nothing to serve the goal of racial harmony.


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