Bush, bewildering logic
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Bush, bewildering logic


President Bush is live on TV as I write.  “Iran was dangerous. Iran is dangerous. Iran will be dangerous if they have the ability to have nukular weapons.  Who is to say that they don’t have a covert operation to have a nukular program”  This in response to a new finding by the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran.  The NIE reports Iran ended their nuclear program in 2003.

Bush, “That has been a moment where diplomacy working in my administration… Now is the time for the international community to work together.”

President Bush has been harping on World War III for the last several years.  Now we find his own intelligence disputes his rhetoric.  President Bush is struggling in the news conference to defend his position of war mongering.  He continues harping on the ‘nukular weapons program’ in Iran.  “The danger is that they can enrich the uranium, they could pass the material to a covert program, and then they can have a bomb.”

The media folks are doing a good job today, “Weren’t you angry when you heard this report?”  Bush, “The knowledge Iran is gaining through their enrichment program can be used for nukular weapons… We are working the phones right now to get diplomacy back on track.”

“Why should we trust this intelligence?”  Bush stumbles around as usual, stalling for time to formulate and answer to the questions.

Media: “Are you pressing Saudi Arabia about a recent rape case?”  Bush, stumbling around, “What would I have done if this had been my daughter?…  I would have been angry… I talked to King Abdula but not about that issues… He knows our position…”

What about the economy and home building and the credit industry?  Bush again uses delaying tactics and finally reports ‘… We are going to make sure Congress does not raise taxes.”

“I believe that Iran is dangerous… I believe this before the NIE and I believe this after the NIE… Economic pressure by private sector folks is important to get Iran to make changes… ”

This man, President Bush, is an embarrassment to our country.  He stumbles and bumbles and mispronounces words and uses reason defying statements like … those bad countries might do something bad again…  Ironically he says that the people in Iran have to understand that the tone and posturing of their leaders is causing problems.

President Bush’s tone and posturing is the ultimate in divisiveness.


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