The Mormon Bible – and Mitt Romney
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The Mormon Bible – and Mitt Romney


Mitt Romney has said that he will ‘put his hand on the Bible” and take the oath of office. My question is simple, which Bible is he going to put his hand on?

I think it is a fair question – he is taking an oath to defend you and me, your children and my grandchildren. I ask the question because it is at the root of the Mormon theology. The Mormon Movement, like a Bowel Movement without substance, was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. in the early 1800’s. THE single issue was that the true Christian Church died with Jesus. The calling of Joseph Smith was to RESTORE the Church of Jesus Christ.

Do not underestimate the intellect or the loonyness of Joseph Smith. This was a very smart and deranged con man. He completely reinvented Christianity – to suit his own agenda. And he was able to convince others of his legitimacy as a Prophet of God. He rewrote the King James Bible – the Mormons have their “Inspired Version of the Bible.”

An example: The King James Bible recounts the Lord’s Prayer which states, “…and lead us not into temptation…” Joseph Smith said that God would not lead us into temptation so he wrote, “…and suffer us not to be led into temptation…” When Smith had conflicts with the Christian faith – he simply changed the faith to suit him. How convenient.

So my question remains. Which Bible would Romney use to swear an oath to protect you and me?  Please refer to an earlier post on the beginnings of Mormonism.


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  1. Please actually take a minute or two of your time to learn a thing or two about another group before you spew out ingnorant comments. I’m agnostic but grew up mormon. When they say the Bible they mean the BIBLE!! The “mormon bible” as you call it is the Book of Mormon and is not read in place of the Bible, but serves as a companion book to the Bible. So if he says he’s going to swear on the Bible then he’s going to swear on the same Bible you would swear on. That said, I’m not a Romney supporter, Vote Ron Paul.

  2. and one other thing, the Bible they read is the King James Version of the Bible. so you really don’t know a single thing about you’re talking about.

  3. Joseph Smith revised the King James Bible – he felt that it was not interpreted correctly. The Mormons use the REVISED VERSION. His process discredits his argument that the Catholics are the church of the devil. Please see another post :

  4. Nobody has to really worry about Romney being sincere about the use of the Bible. He is an incredible hypoocrite.

    During his campaign for Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney promised judicial reform for Massachusetts. The reality is he left the system more broken than it was before his term in office. Judge Tuttman is not an isolated incident. Governor Romney also nominated and pushed for the confirmation of Judge Mitchel J. Sikora to the Massachusetts Court of Appeals. When Romney did this, he was made personally aware by me that Judge Sikora had a track record of “outrageous” leniency toward violent criminals. By way of example only, prior to the judicial confirmation hearing, members of the public made Governor Romney personally aware that Judge Sikora had:

    ? Acquitted the man who killed Jacqueline O’ Donald finding that, giving her the date-rape drug GBL was not “reckless or wanton” enough to sustain the charge of manslaughter because Dolan “did not know the drug was dangerous to the point of grave bodily harm.” (See Boston Globe article dated December 31, 2003, “Plymouth Man, 34 Cleared in Death”)

    ? Released a rapist from the Treatment Center for the Sexually Dangerous in Bridgewater, over the strenuous objections of the Department of Corrections. Governor Cellucci called Sikora’s decision “outrageous.” Shortly after Judge Sikora released him, the rapist/pedophile was arrested for stalking girls with a rope, rock, and knife in his car, – his weapons of choice. (See Boston Herald article dated March 12, 1999, “Freed Mass. Rapist Arrested in UConn Stalking Incidents”)

    ? Conducted Monty-Python type trials complete with jurors dressed in Halloween costumes. (See Boston Herald article dated October 31, 2004, “Judges Trick No Treat for Litigants”)

    The above are merely a few examples of the abhorrent behavior of Judge Mitchel Sikora. The public documents that Judge Sikora was untruthful during his confirmation hearing. In spite of his personal knowledge all that kind of record, Governor Romney elevated Judge Sikora to a higher court. If Romney becomes president of America, we will see a callous disregard for the quality of the federal judicial appointments and the protection of the public.

    Stefano Picciotto
    (978) 741-0218

  5. Your stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  6. Correction: Your should be spelled you’re.

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