Sacred Cows
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Sacred Cows


Look out. We are challenging Sacred Cows. Challenges to Sacred Cows are often met with personal attacks in an effort to discredit the challenger. We have a right to our opinion – and they have a right to disagree. But some folks can be really nasty.

Our magazine of social commentary has put choice cuts in our cross hairs. We have been indiscriminate in our commentary. The United Way, the YMCA, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Food Banks, Community Mental Health, the Chamber of Commerce, Grocery stores, Economic Systems, School Districts, Media hosts, Senators, Governors, Presidents, the ACLU, the NRA, Civil Rights Leaders, and a variety of religious denominations and churches – all fodder for discussion.

Some of these organizations have become Sacred Cows. Sacred Cows are organizations or ideas, and sometimes people, that are above question. They have risen to a level of acceptance that defies challenge. Take the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church for example. He is infallible and must not be challenged. Anyone who challenges the Pope is an anti-Christian, communist, homophobic, terrorist, God Hater. Challenging any religious faith, justified or not, is a set up for personal assault.

There are a couple of organizations that have risen to the level of Sacred Cow. How about the United Way. Whoooeee. Those folks are sensitive. Self professed ‘charitable’ organizations are some of the most difficult people to deal with. They stand on their moral pedestal and proclaim themselves as beyond reproach.

Or the United States Military – better lay off during a war. We are in a climate today that has the Pentagon on a higher moral plane than the Bill of Rights. This mentality is as simple and complex as fear overruling faith. But that makes no difference – our boys are dying overseas and citizens must keep their mouths shut.

The local Chamber of Commerce in my hometown has established itself as the Chief Local Sacred Cow. They are well funded and organized – anyone who challenges them will not get elected to any local political office. Question a tactic of the Chamber and one is quickly labeled as being against economic growth, against jobs, against prosperity, and against the American Dream. The local Chamber gets significant funding from local taxpayer funded municipalities and the County Government – but don’t dare question their strategies.

There are some individuals who associate themselves with causes – then any questioning of that individual is a challenge to the cause. Al Sharpton comes to mind. If anyone criticizes him then they are quickly dismissed as being racist.

The idea of dismissing criticism on the basis of a moral high ground is the first sign of defensive illegitimacy. It is the strategy of people and organizations who cherish the position of Sacred Cow. ? Sacred Cow status protects from even honest critique.

Readers – what are some other Sacred Cows?


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