Chris Matthews – arrogance personified
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Chris Matthews – arrogance personified


I was once a fan of Chris Matthews. He is on Morning Joe again this morning and he is absolutely pathetic in his self promotion.

They are discussing the 2008 election and Matthews just said, “If Obama winds in Iowa then Bill Clinton will be saying, ‘Matthews was right.'” Whooee – Does he think that Bill Clinton, a former President and World Leader, sits around wondering about what Chris Matthews thinks?

He is going on and on, talking and talking and talking. The other folks on the show, Mika Brezinski and Willie Geist, cannot get a word in. They try to speak and Matthews does not hear them – he just keeps talking away.

Matthews is probably having the show recorded so he can watch himself when he gets home tonight. I can just see him with an evening cocktail, his feet up on the ottoman, playing and replaying his comments on television, feeling satisfied that the world has him to watch.
How sad.


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  1. We know Chris Matthews interrupts everybody. He is consistent. It’s Joe (Morning Joe) who shows a rudeness and disregard for his fellow panel members that doesn’t jibe with his assertion that he is a religious person. I urge Mika to put a stop to being his doormat. Is she supposed to be a co-anchor? Don’t be afraid Mika. I have seen two strong women put him in his place. They both told him on separate occasions, “No, you wait and let me finish. I used to watch the show and enjoy it. I thought Joe’s rudeness was an occasional thing. I had to switch to C-Span and CNN. I really like to hear what the guests on talk programs have to say.

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