Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul
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Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul


In 1976 Ronald Reagan made a serious run at the Republican nomination for President.  Our country was just emerging from Vietnam, Watergate, and a disgraced presidency.  There are correlations to today.

We are embroiled in an unpopular war, White House lackeys are being pardoned for crimes committed on behalf of the administration, and we have a disgraceful President.

In 1976 Ronald Reagan was seen as an ultra right wing radical conservative – and he was challenging a sitting President – Gerald R. Ford.  Reagan surprised the country with his strength in the primaries.  Four years later he would win the nomination and then the Presidency.  All things considered – his was a successful Presidency.  His practical application of his ideology was more moderate than his rhetoric.

Ron Paul is surprising the country with his strength in the primaries.  He is generally viewed by the establishment as ultra radical, he even embarrasses the right wing of the Republican Party.  Embarrass is the wrong word – he scares the hell out of people.

It appears in retrospect that the establishment was wrong about Ronald Reagan.  Is history repeating itself.


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