Benazir Bhutto has died
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Benazir Bhutto has died


Craziness is ruling the world. Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan.

We people in America should stand together today, grateful that elections are upon us. We live in a country where we can affect change without killing people. We live in a Republic. We have opportunity. We are blessed.

But with that blessing comes responsibility. We have the responsibility of being informed about our world, about politics, about culture, about religion, about terrorism, and about our candidates. The death of Bhutto dramatically underlines the importance of a process of election of government.

NBC News Special Report, 731 AM, 12/27/07: Matt Lauer: “At least 20 other people were killed with Benazir Bhutto as she was leaving a rally in Islamabad, Pakistan.”

Bhutto has said before, “I do this because I love Pakistan.”

Bhutto had an enormous following in the people of the lower classes. She was supported by the Bush Administration. She was someone believed to be reasonable and willing to work with the US. She was a larger than life figure and her death could shatter her base – sending Pakistan into chaos.

Pakistan possess nuclear weapons and chaos in this country has enormous implications for the world.

Another tragedy. I feel great sadness.


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  1. well its very sory now the people in pakistan has gone mad in urdu “aj tau ho gaee bhutto bhutto”

  2. V.sad News,

    I got this news from the search engine.. read it please ..

    best regards

    A spokesman for the Al-Qaeda network responsible for the bombing operation that took place today, Thursday,; which led to the killing of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.
    In a telephone call from an unknown location with the agency “Lucky” said Al-Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan “, Mustafa Abu These remarks were made”: “We have succeeded in liquidating valuable fishing for America, after it had announced its intention to liquidate Mujahideen.”
    The agency indicated that the process of liquidation Bhutto likely to be made after approval, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri second man in Al Qaeda leaders.
    It should be noted that the Islamists in Pakistan had condemned Bhutto to return Pakistani territory, and warned that they will carry targeting; especially with the continuing assurances that it will be the United States sincere efforts in the so-called “fight against

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