Ron Paul and Paulaholics attack Lincoln.
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Ron Paul and Paulaholics attack Lincoln.


Ron Paul is on the telephone with the Morning Joe folks. He is arguing that Lincoln is part of the “Hamiltonians who wanted a strong central government. Why did all other nations get rid of slavery without a civil war.”

Asked of Paul, “How long should slavery have gone on? What was Abraham Lincoln supposed to do?”

Paul, “Lincoln did not have to kill so many people to get rid of slavery. The total irony of this is the distraction of this on my campaign. This whole idea of avoiding a catastrophic war that we are engaging in to talk about a war of 150 years ago is wrong.”

The argument degenerates into insults – then Mika intervenes, “How is the campaign going?” She refers to the Paulaholics.

Ron Paul, “You can’t live in denial. Woodrow Wilson was the first neo-conservative.”

Paul, “I am running on the Bush policy of 2000. I supported him then. No nation building, no international policing. It was a serious mistake to be in Iraq. Afghanistan is getting worse. A bunch of those neo-cons want to bomb Iran.”

Paul, “I think it is a great possibility that we are headed into war with Iran. So wait and see… I can tell you for sure that there are quite a few new-conservatives that want to go after Iran… Stay out of nation building.”

Paul, “Lets be thankful that Cheney did not have total control of the CIA.”

What are your plans for the IRS?

Paul, “The IRS is a real form of terrorism.”

Paul, “I have found that people are starved for truth.”

This is a very interesting man. And he has value in this process. He is valuable in Congress and he should stay there.


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  1. Nice touch – I like how you slightly edited and moved things around to try to make RP look bad. So how much extra do you get for that? Well – the good news is that if we do lose our country to the neo-cons you’ll have a job. Propaganda is always a good career choice under facism, just look Nazi Germany.

  2. “ATTACKS Lincoln”??????????

    No one will actually debate me on the issues, so this is how you push your agenda!

    please people, we don’t have to live in fear of original or even controversial thought!

    Let’s talk about solutions!
    Any idiot can see the dam’s about to break,
    So let’s get to fixing it and getting our people out of harms way!

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