Fear Must Not Choose a President
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Fear Must Not Choose a President


When Benizir Bhutto was assassinated the entire world reacted. When the planes struck on 9/11 our government reacted. We Americans are again afraid. The moment we heard of the assassination all of us took two steps to the political right. Decisions made out of fear are not generally good decisions. But fear cannot be denied.

Joe Biden is the most qualified foreign policy expert of the candidates. He speaks with detailed knowledge and understanding – but is that enough? People have said that he is running for Secretary of State. His response, “I am running for President – but would you elect someone who is not qualified to be Secretary of State.” Point taken.

Would we elect someone who is not qualified to be Attorney General? How about Secretary of the Treasury? Or Defense, or Transportation, or Education, or Homeland Security. Should Physicians run hospitals? Must structural engineers run steel plants? Should used car lots be run by ex-cons? Does expertise in product relate to leadership and sound decision making?

When Bill Clinton was President he traveled the world. He sat with leaders of Finance in Europe and in Japan. This brilliant man was able to discuss the nuances of economics, the subtleties of society, the power of government, and the complex mix of all.

Cool heads must prevail. The assassination of a world leader, days before the important Iowa caucuses for American President, highlights the importance of the caucuses. There is opportunity for thoughtfulness – something that has been lacking in our present Executive Branch. Our President should be proactive, not reactive.

Again I ask, What are the qualifications of a President? What sort of values, what level of intellect, what form of leadership, what are the qualities of a successful President?

Readers – What are we to do?


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