Media Hosts Fail in Presidential Debates
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Media Hosts Fail in Presidential Debates


Is our inept Media driving foreign policy?  Do we rely on celebrity Media Hosts to define important issues?  I hope not.  Because the Media Hosts are so infatuated with themselves that they are not aware of a big world and real issues that have real consequences.

I hearken back to the Democratic Debate.  Time Russert was all about illegal immigrant driver’s licenses in New York. Russert fancied himself as pretty smart.  It was as if he had found the single most important question of the decade.

After the debate Chris Matthews was all over Dennis Kucinich and Bill Richardson about UFO’s.  Matthews tried to corner Richardson, the Governor of New Mexico, on the tourist attraction in Roswell.

Yesterday experienced a real global problem – the assassination of a world class leader.  The lead up to this very real world crisis was about driver’s licenses and UFO’s.  Those candidates for President must be really frustrated with the shallow media hosts.

This is not just a frustration for the candidates.  There are those of us who would like to be able to make informed decisions as we enter the final stretch of the Presidential race.  We American Citizens would like to make good choices.  We would like to know and understand important issues.

I feel really angry at the Media for directing our attention to obscure and unimportant trivia.

Readers – What do you think?


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