The Point of Leadership
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Ohg Rea Tone is all or nothing. He is educated and opinionated, more clever than smart, sarcastic and forthright. He writes intuitively - often disregarding rules of composition. Comment on his posts - he will likely respond with characteristic humor or genuine empathy. He is the real-deal.

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The Point of Leadership


Leadership is not personal.  Leadership is not about what I do at home in the evening, when no one is watching.  Leadership is about what one does when everyone is watching.

I really don’t care about the televangelist who privately has a couple of mistresses on the side.  Who cares – what is the message that he publicly promotes?  What is his impact?  Who care if JFK had girl friends?  Did he manage the Cuban Missile Crisis or not?  Who cares what Bill Clinton did on cold winter nights when the Republicans had the Government shut down?

Our new President will put a team together.  The President must establish the central message.  They must launch and fuel the energy of the team.  They must expand the team’s capabilities.  They must help the team reach consensus.  The team must be forward thinking.  The diversity of the team should be valued and made the most of.

We will talk more about leadership – because that is what is central in selecting a President.


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