The Year of Fear – 2008
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The Year of Fear – 2008


Irony abounds. An Election for President of the U. S. is upon us. We are talking about the leader of the free world. Some candidates for this heralded office use fear to jerk the chains of voters. Freedom and fear are not compatible concepts.

Further irony reeks from the pores of candidate supporters – many of whom claim solid positions of faith. Faith cannot be denied – literally. Faith has become a central issues in the selection of a President. Like it or not – that is the way it is.

The irony thickens when we hear people of faith using fear tactics to promote their faith. The irony is simple – are fear and faith compatible concepts?

When I talk about faith I am not always talking strictly about faith in a Higher Power, a particular spiritual entity. Rather I am referring to the spiritual concepts of compatible human behavior.

Simply put, spirituality is that which unites – lack of spirituality divides.


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