2008 Resolutions – Gotta have a list
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2008 Resolutions – Gotta have a list


The idea of resolve – what a concept. Who needs it? What about a parent – should they have resolve? How about Democrats, or Republicans – what might resolve look like in a political party? And how about elected government leaders – a little resolve could go a long way with those folks. So many resolutions and only one year to get it done. Personally, I have resolved to make a list of resolution categories. I will need help from readers to complete the lists.

Resolutions of Christians.

Resolutions of Islamics.

Resolutions of Faith in general.

Resolutions for my spouse.

Resolutions for my neighbor.

Resolutions for my co-workers.

Resolutions for dummies.

Resolutions for athletes.

Resolutions for Democrats.

Resolutions for Republicans.

Resolutions for Senators.

Resolutions for Representatives.

Resolutions for Media Hosts.

Resolutions for bloggers.

Resolutions for real journalists.

Resolutions for loan sharks.

….. This could go on – but I think you get the idea. I need help with completing the lists. Thanks.


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