Huckabee exposed – ambition overrules compassion
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Huckabee exposed – ambition overrules compassion


Mike Huckabee is running for President, in case you had not noticed. He is a clever guy – well, I suppose all of those folks are pretty smart. Huckabee is very clever – but clever is different than being smart.

Last week the world saw a nasty and horrible assassination of a world leader. The smart response by other leaders – or leader wannabees – was to acknowledge the natural grief response. Huckabee missed the point – and that is more important with him than with any of the other candidates. Mike Huckabee is an educated Christian minister.

In his role as a minister Huckabee has conducted the ritual of funeral. That sad moment in all of our lives when we grieve the loss of a loved one. Huckabee should be the most articulate in the tragedy of early death. His response to the assassination was to tie the tragedy to illegal immigration in America. Whoa – he exposed himself. He was the best prepared to talk about grief – but he chose to try to make political points on the death of another. Not a Christian example, would you say?

Huckabee could have been a true leader.  He could have spoken eloquently about sadness, and grief, and loss of life.  His response clearly shows his desire to win votes is greater than his desire to be honest and legitimate. Aside from the ludicrous connection of logic, Huckabee showed his ambition is greater than his compassion.

This is not a man who should lead the free world.


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