John McCain, true Masculinity
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John McCain, true Masculinity

John McCain is a true mature man. This is a person who has managed a life as a warrior and a humanitarian. He is a man of solid values. A man of strength and resolve. A man of compassion. A man of the world. And a man of common people.

Can you tell that I respect this man – this man John McCain? His personal suffering in a futile war did not distort and derange him. Rather, John McCain is a man who is able to assimilate horrid experience into a mature and responsible understanding of all mankind.

Woodrow Wilson wrote a book while the President of Princeton University titled, “When a man comes to himself.” John McCain has come to himself. The poet Robert Bly describes mature masculinity as being “forceful and resolute, but not cruel.’ Doe that not describe John McCain?

John McCain knows and understands the boundaries of power. He understands the idea of resolve. He understands the idea of cruelty. And he has establish personal values that guide his judgment.

I have not voted for a Republican in thirty-five years. But John McCain could persuade me.

August 27, 2008.  John McCain has failed we independents – he is casting the role of Commander in Chief as one of a military man – the constitution defines the role as that of a citizen...

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