Politics of Fear
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Politics of Fear


Fear is an interesting word.  The word can be used on both sides of any given argument.  And it is.  Barack Obama is hot after the word today.  “We cannot continue the politics of fear.”  Another fellow once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

I use the word – it is prominent in the titles of several of my posts.  Fear has a certain connotation with me – a different connotation with others.  Does the word have any value?  If a word has different meanings to different people – does it really communicate the intended idea?

Communications is key.  Key to humanity, key to civilization, key to peace and prosperity.  Misused words lose value over time.  Epileptic conjurs all sorts of images.  Alcoholic or Drug Addict present images of crime and dirt and homelessness and prisons.

I think Franklin Roosevelt’s quote is appropriate today.  Fear itself has become the enemy.  The word is intentionally distorted when it plays for the other bloke, and shouted when it plays in our favor.

The word ‘terrorism’ is designed to invoke fear.  Terrorists are to be feared.  After all, are not fear and terror first cousins of communication.  If we respond to terrorism with acts based on fear, are we not playing into their purpose?  If we respond to terrorism with fear – have not the terrorists won?

We must not let fear rule our country.


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