Resolutions 2008 – WWJD
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Resolutions 2008 – WWJD


Faith is expounded by all candidates.  Hey – the evangelicals have done a good job in politics.  They have swayed elections.  They have gained power.  They influence the national debate.

I just wrote a post on Mike Huckabee.  He is that one guy who is a Christian Minister who is running for President.  I reflected on our conversation of New Year’s Eve about resolutions and it stuck me that Religion must not be discounted.

So here is the question to you and to our readers.  If Jesus himself wrote a list of resolutions for the new year, resolutions for Presidential candidates, – what would he say?

Would he promote oil companies.  Would he suggest that John Edwards populace positions favoring the ‘little guy’ are most appropriate?  Would he entertain Barack Obama’s ‘audacity of hope.’  Would he embrace Huckabee’s guarding of the borders against the hordes of Pakistanis flooding across to kill Americans?

Jesus might be concerned with abortion – but would that be his highest priority? WWJD if none of the candidates promoted his positions across the board?



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