Government by Terror
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Government by Terror


Fear must not choose a President. That was the title of an earlier post. I have pondered this axiom of righteousness and find it wanting. There is more than fear. Our candidates harp on the politics of fear, on the use of fear to garner votes from weary political practitioners. But fear does not do justice to the climate of the Bush Administration.

We are witnessing a government by terror. Our government operates in the shadows of former tyrants and dictators. The idea of a free press to help regulate government irregularities is being slowly usurped by corporate moguls. Fear grips the candidates for office.

They are afraid to speak truth – knowing that corporate news agencies, in league with a corrupt Administration, will seize upon any inkling of challenge. Beware – do not challenge government practice – or risk being labeled unpatriotic, weak, and in cahoots with Bin Laden himself. Secret late night forays to the beds of sick Cabinet Ministers speak of efforts to degrade the Bill of Rights.

The ultimate labeling of ‘terrorist’ can see one whisked away with no right of recourse.

Watch the candidates, listen. Their careful choice of words speaks as loud as the words chosen. The attack machine constructed on the vile blood of Karl Rove and his henchmen is well oiled and ready. Ready to assault, to inflame a weary populace, to harken to the days of white hoods riding ghostly mounts in the night.

They speak of faith, reminding one of the KKK worshiping a burning cross as the ‘light of Jesus.’ The light being shed by our current Government Administration is bent and twisted through a prism of retribution. They are not so callous as Senator McCarthy of the 1950’s. They are too clever for that type of exposure.

Their level of deviousness rides the night winds, pointed hoods blowing, crosses burning, lighting the way of danger for America.


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