Why Iowa Matters
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Why Iowa Matters


Politics – No one likes to lose. Worse – if we back a loser then we become the loser in the game of influence. Backing the winner translates into bragging rights, then influence, then power, then more bragging rights. It is the fundamental flaw of our electoral process.

Caucuses are inherently unfair, or should I say, undemocratic. But that is not the point. Iowa uses a caucus process to select delegates to the Party Conventions and that will not change in my lifetime. But why does Iowa matter? They have corn and pigs and white people. What do they say, “Hey Ma, lets go out to the caucus tonight? Maybe we will git to see someone impotent.” I don’t think so. Iowa has proved itself to be a sophisticated bunch of yokels. So why do they matter?

Because everyone wants to be on the side of a winner – and Iowa gets first shot at defining the winner. It really speaks to the shallowness of our Party system. Hillary speaks to issues, issues, and more issues. Obama speaks to willingness, Edwards to courage. But none of that matters after Iowa.

This is a horse race where betting is allowed after the horses have made the first turn, then again down the back stretch, again in the final turn, and even in the last leg. But if you have a chance to bet at those intervals… what are you gonna do? Bet on the horse in third place – because what, you know he has more endurance? He took his vitamins? Are you betting with your heart?

Presidential horse races in Iowa defines who comes out of the first turn – that does not always mean who wins the race – but it sure changes the betting. The odds makers scramble to figure the new numbers.

And everyone wants to bet on a winner.


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  1. Still…I don’t get why Iowa, New Hampshire, or any individual state “matters”. Neither area represents the interests or beliefs of my own home area. Why do one or two states get to pick and choose who represents the rest of us? What makes them so special?

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