An American Revolution – 2008
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An American Revolution – 2008


We are in a time of flux. This is a difficult time for statisticians. The Media Pundits are dissecting the Iowa statistics, trying to make sense of demographics and results. Some say Obama is about generational issues. Clinton is about gender. Edwards about populism. Huckabee about evangelism. This is not a time when these statistics are predictors – they are merely interesting after-the-fact notes.

The assumption by pundits that they can predict based on demographics is flawed. Flawed because this election is not about the selfishness of demographic affiliation – it is about rescuing the future of America. It is about the Demographic of Justice, of Domestic Tranquility, of Common Defense, of General Welfare, and the Blessings of Liberty.

And it is about all of these concepts in posterity. The assumption of pundits that we the people cannot overcome personal gain in favor of united freedom is dead wrong.

The selfishness of the past three decades has resulted in disparity of equality and frustration en mass. The past several decades have seen a steady decline in participation in the political arena. The populace has hit bottom – and they are coming out fighting.

Obama’s startling success is in his ‘big picture’ narrative.  He does not underestimate the wisdom and thoughtfulness of Americans.
This is a time of American Revolution.


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  1. Guys,I heard Obama’s speech…Absolutely wonderful.
    Cynic that I am,I can’t help but worry about him getting on planes,standing on balconys,leaning out of sunroofs,etc…
    The squeaky wheel gets greased,you know.
    Love your blog.

  2. Does anyone really think New Hampshire will follow Iowa’s lead?

    I want the Obama shake-up to continue, but I’m skeptical about his chances in NH. This is American politics after all. And all of this enthusiasm could turn on a dime if he does not win the next round.

    Again, I want this “success of the people” to continue. I really do. So much. I just don’t know if America is ready.


  3. A former Obama client, Ahmad Baravati, changed the name of his tax exempt organization IRAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND to American Care Society

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