Anybody but Huckabee
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Anybody but Huckabee


It looks like Mike Huckabee is taking the first turn with a lead in the race. But my thought is that Huckabee appeals to a small but enthusiastic audience. As the race progresses the Republican leadership will take an Anybody but Huckabee stance.

Huckabee has had several gaffs on foreign policy. He has directly condemned the Bush Administration. Never underestimate the power of the Bush folks, and their willingness to extract retribution. That is their historical trademark.

This is not just about retribution by Bush. Huckabee’s gaffs have alienated serious Republicans; people who know and understand economics and national security. Huckabee does not stack up.

Romney is fading – his money and chiseled charm cannot overcome the deficiencies caused by over zealous ambition. Ambition that has led Romney to change positions for political expediency.

Giuliani has been a force – but his one dimensional tough guy persona cannot alleviate his challenges of moral character.

The man to watch is John McCain. His only failing is his age – but he has proven to be a vigorous 70 something. His energy and passion for honesty and integrity lifts his spirit – and that spirit has proven contagious in the past.

Get’em John.


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  1. Evangelical Christians in Iowa: you wasted your vote tonight…Huckabee will never win the Republican nor General election…New Hampshire: pay attention…vote for the man w/ real coMITTment!!!!!!

    Yes, I am Mormon, and yes, I am Christian.

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