Huckabee is a win for John McCain
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Huckabee is a win for John McCain


John McCain is the real winner tonight, this caucus night in Iowa.   Mike Huckabee polled the largest numbers of support- soundly putting Mitt Romney in his appropriate place – way don there somewhere.  But McCain is the real winner because the Republican Party does not want Huckabee.

The importance of the Iowa Caucus was to eliminate Mitt Romney.  He has a lot of money and he has a great organization.  Sounds like George Bush in 2000.   But that is not what America wants – and it is not what the Republican Party wants.

Huckabee won the favor of evangelicals – an important segment of a diminished GOP.  But even the evangelicals cannot hold against the need for real change in the economy, immigration, national security, and health care.  Huckabee rode a wave that only lands on one beach.

John McCain is the only Republican candidate with the depth that will be required to challenge the Democrats in the general election.


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