Obama Turns Out – MSNBC Reports
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Obama Turns Out – MSNBC Reports


It is 8:15 PM, CST, and MSNBC is reporting with 56% of the tally that Obama has 35%, Edwards has 32%, and Clinton has 31%.  This is a major shift in the political landscape of the Democratic Party.  Obama is going to present a stiff challenge to tradition.

Adrea Mitchell is on now – she reports: Former President Clinton and the Senator are watching from a hotel in Des Moines.  What is happening?  It looks like older women and young folks have gone for Obama – and that can spell real trouble for the Clinton dynasty.  “They cannot deny that this younger man is very formidable.”

MSNBC is suggesting that the Iowa turnout is over 200,00 – a record and a strong indication that this is a very important election.  People are fired up and want change in America.

Matthews says “Obama is literally an African American.” What the hell is wrong with Chris Matthews?  It is obvious why he is not running for office.  He is the first to attack someone like Joe Biden for that sort of statement.

John McCain is on live right now, congratulating Governor Huckabee.  What a man of character and integrity.  “The message here is that you cannot buy an election in Iowa – and you can’t buy one in New Hampshire.”  That is a direct slap at Mitt Romney.

8:24 and MSNBC announces Obama is the winner of the Iowa Caucus.

This is news that will resonate around the world.

More later.


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