Where will Biden and Dodd supporters go?
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Where will Biden and Dodd supporters go?


I was at an Iowa caucus tonight. I saw the supporters of Joe Biden and Bill Richardson hold out until just before the final count, then join the Obama camp. Why did they do that? Why not join Hillary?

One guy that I talked to in the Biden corner said that he was turned off by the Hillary supporters and by Hillary herself. He said that they came over with condolences but just assumed that the other supporters would join Hillary. He said something interesting to me. He said, “It is almost like they feel entitled to win.”

This is a year for change. It is a year for a new voice and a fresh perspective. This is not a year that will bode well for those that rely on the obligatory support of the American people.

Americans are not in the mood to feel obligated. Entitlements are over.

So where will the supporters of Dodd and Biden go, now that they are no longer running?

It is hard to say, but Hillary needs to be careful that she does not underestimate the mood of the people. When the ship is sinking, don’t brag about having been on board.


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  1. “Clinton, Obama and Edwards had all urged voters to consider them if their own candidate fell short. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio publicly urged his backers to line up with Obama on a second round, and two Democrats said aides to Richardson did likewise as the caucuses unfolded in hopes of blocking the former first lady. Those two spoke on condition of anonymity, citing private discussions.”

    This is a quote from the yahoo news report and I thought it was a possibility that Biden and Dodd had done the same thing.

  2. That is really interesting. As a Biden supporter I wonder why he would do that. Could it be that Biden and Dodd don’t think Hilary could win and just want a Democrat in the White House? Whatever it is it seems it would have to come out since they would have had to tell their supporters what it was they wanted them to do. Having said that, I have to wonder if Obama could beat McCain on Foreign Policy or Guiliani on nastiness.

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