Sculpting with Trees
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Sculpting with Trees


The past three years I have planted seven Redbud trees.  They were all about a foot tall when first planted.  I like Redbuds because they grow pretty fast – and that suits my need to sculpt them.  They are now about twelve fee tall.

Every winter, when the leaves are gone and the sap is down, I study the individual branches and general tree shape.  Then I make some adjustments.   I sculpt the live trees – molding their future.  The thin young branches lend themselves to a variety of manipulation.  Sometimes three branches run close enough together to be braided.  Sometimes I loop the flexible youth into circles.  Every time I make an adjustment I tie the branch in place with a biodegradable twine.

Spring comes and the trees blossom.  Watching the tree adapt to the unexpected changes during slumber is fascinating.   When autumn returns and the leaves return  to the soil, I have the joy of seeing how the tree has managed the external stimuli.

Nature struggles to right itself, in spite of the environmental influences of man.


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