Obama Rising
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Obama Rising


Success is often dependent on understanding environment, on understanding culture, being willing to take a chance, and having a little patience.  Success requires paying attention and being nurturing.  Success requires purposeful deliberation. Barack Obama has these qualities.

A good chef knows that his product is dependent on all of these qualities.  So does a politician.  Baking a loaf of bread comes after a careful process of creating dough that is alive and vibrant.  The yeast is in the character, intellect, integrity, and values of the American people.  But yeast can lie dormant, waiting for the right environment to bring it to life.

Given the right environment, proper temperature, nutrition, and balanced ingredients, the yeast will come alive and will cause the dough to rise.  The chef does not force the yeast – that is the worst thing that can be done.

Obama is less specific on individual issues than some of his challengers.  But that is OK.  He knows that he does not have to force the yeast – he know that he need only create the proper environment and add some nutrients.

Given an opportunity – Obama will rise.


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