General Mood versus Individual Issues
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General Mood versus Individual Issues


Statistics rule. The current political campaign for President highlights this truth. All of us pundits have been somewhat befuddled. But not as befuddled as the candidates themselves. Hillary Clinton has the most exhaustive list of issues and answers to the issues – yet she is struggling for support. Romney has taken traditional and well researched positions on the Republican statistical hot buttons – yet he is struggling for support. The demographic analysis has failed to produce accurate projections. What is going on?

We keep statistics for our online magazine. Those statistics are in the form of who comes to our site, where do they come from, how long do they stay, and what do they look at while they are here. A pattern is developing on our site that tells us something about the election process.

We have written posts on a variety of issues, from immigration to the death penalty. We have also done analysis of the general mood, even referring to An American Revolution. Our statistics are telling.

General mood posts have the highest viewer counts and they have the highest variety of referrals. These general mood posts generate the longest visits on the site, and they provoke more interest in other posts on the magazine. What does this tell us?

This strongly suggests to me that individual issue candidates, candidates who take the party line on issues, are missing the point. This election is not about any one issue. There is an undercurrent of unhappiness in the populace. All of the Democratic candidates use the word ‘change,’ then they take off on their traditional issue oriented blabber. And when the fail to produce support they are dismayed. The television pundits stay with the demographic analysis – is that because they too are missing the point of this particular election?

Our viewer statistics suggest that people care about issues, but they care much more about the content of character and the freshness of perspective of the candidates.

This is a proud time for America. The people are demonstrating that they can rise above the selfishness of their demographic to vote in favor of the integrity of the country as a whole.


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