Chris Matthews and Dee Dee Myers
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Chris Matthews and Dee Dee Myers


Chris Matthews has made a fool of himself again – he will never admit it – but that is what he does.

Dee Dee Myers, the press secretary under Bill Clinton, said that one year ago Hillary Clinton was not billed as the front runner.  She claimed that the success of her campaign put her in the front runner status.  She is correct.

Matthews jumped all over her in his best Bill O’Reilly impersonation.  “That’s revisionism. That’s revisionism.” Matthews practically shouted while scowling in his arrogance.

Matthews was talking to a person who is intimately knowledgeable and honest.  He did not care – it was all about him and his righteousness.


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  1. What has happened to Chris Matthews? He (long ago) was a voice of reason in the jungle of shrieking TV journalists. He no longer resembles a journalist….his hatred of the Clintons has made him into an arrogant sounding idiot when either Bill or Hillary is mentioned. He sounds more and more like Bill O’Reilly. Is he auditioning for FOX? We do not allow Fox to poison the air at our house, and are about ready to simply give up on Matthews too. Thank God for Tim Russett, Tom Brokaw, and the very few actual journalists left who report to us without spewing venom!

  2. So, if not Hillary, who was the front runner a year ago?

  3. I don’t know what was being reported on the moon last year but here on earth Clinton was and always has been billed as the frontrunner in the democratic run for president. Dee Dee Myers is a Clinton backer and was trying to spin the results of the NH primary. Matthews was absolutely correct by saying her explanation was revisionist. You Matthews haters are really wacko.

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