Clinton and Obama expose Media Bigots
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Clinton and Obama expose Media Bigots


This election is probably shaping up to one of the most important ever for understanding our ‘good old boy media.’  All of those old men are harping on race and feminism.  It is as if they cannot grasp issues of charisma, or hope, or ideas, or anything of substance.

Pat Buchanan was just on television saying that the New Hampshire women came out to protect the battered Hillary.  Chris Matthews says the New Hampshire voters lied to pollsters because of racism.

The only people making this about race or gender are the media pundits.  It is insulting to the American voter.   This presumption that we voters are so shallow reflects the shallowness of the media.  Do they really think that women are only capable of thinking in terms of feminism?  Do they really think that African-Americans are only capable of thinking in tribal terms.

How disgusting.


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