Hey Hillary – You go Girl!
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Hey Hillary – You go Girl!


It is a great night for Democrats.  The pollsters and pundits, including me, guessed wrong on New Hampshire.  Hillary Clinton has pulled off a win that leaves the Democratic Party in a healthy position to continue this race.

John Edwards is saying that he will continue through the convention.  Barack Obama has great strength.  This is all good news for the Democrats.  The need to continue sparring will strengthen them for the General Election in the fall.  The continuing debate will be a healthy exercise for this country.

So what happened?  No one knows – but everyone has an opinion.  Personally I think that Hillary emotional response to voters on Monday night worked strongly in her favor.  The pundits, Particularly that arrogant Chris Matthews, is calling the response a ‘sympathy vote.’   Not so.  Hillary Clinton showed us the real person, the charismatic person who legitimately wants to help the country.  Matthews and his cohorts claim that the women of New Hampshire felt sorry for Hillary and switched their vote.

That position just shows the chauvinism of the the MSNBC crowd.

Go get’em Hillary.

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