Ron Paul and inexperienced voters
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Ron Paul and inexperienced voters


You gotta give it to Ron Paul – or someone should.  We are seeing huge voter turnout in Iowa and New Hampshire.  What does that mean?  It means that even apathetic folks who have not participated in years are so disgusted with George Bush that they will bother to come out to vote.  The voters are angry.  The inexperienced voters want dramatic change right now.  What is that old prayer, “God grant me patience, and I want it right now.”

There is a tragedy looming for some of the Ron Paul supporters.  They are good folks who are assets to the populace.  The tragedy is Ron Paul.  It is too bad that these good folks have been duped by the man from Deadwood.   His leaps of logic are evident to those who follow government – less so to those who are new to the process.

Let us hope that these folks that Ron Paul has energized will stick around after he is cast aside by the Republican Party.


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  1. Sorry sir, but you are horribly wrong in your supposed assessment. Ron Paul may not have been the B. Hussein Obama or THE Huckster with their camera presence and pseudo-idealism…He is sadly just a OB-GYN, 10 year congressman with a plan and a VOTING RECORD to help restore our country (mabe even just a little bit)

    Too bad the “GOP” has been shattered. The libertarians, constitutionalists and the “religious right” will leave the party a dismembered mess after this election.

    Have fun with socialism everyone! YOU voted for it…

  2. Leaps of logic?
    See how Giuliani gets it all wrong:

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