The Fresh Innocence of Obama
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The Fresh Innocence of Obama


What is it about Obama that has stirred the populace. Certainly he is young and handsome and well spoken. He is charming and he understands how to draw the crowd in. But the other candidates continue to point out his relative inexperience. My notion is that the other candidates inadvertently promote him in a time when we the voters are tired of the tough guys.

His youth and innocence are actually his greatest qualities. The others are going to challenge him on substance – they will fail in their endeavor. Yes – we voters want someone of substance – but experience in trench warfare does not necessarily translate into being a good General.

If I am having surgery do I want an old physician with a scalpel worn down from sharpening? Like a boning knife from the local beef processing plant. Or do I want a new surgeon, right out of medical school, who brings a new laser scalpel and current technology?

The new surgeon may even know of a non-invasive process to cure my ills. President Bush would have done well to study non-invasive processes.

It is the very inexperience, the hope of something different that gives Obama his strength with the voters. He is not a child, just out of law school. This is a man in his forties, with vast life experience. Obama understands non-invasive processes to cure the nation’s ills.


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