Faith, Obedience, and Mercy – in Iraq
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Faith, Obedience, and Mercy – in Iraq


President George W. Bush is not God. I am not Abraham, and the children of America are not to be thoughtlessly sacrificed on a mountain in the Middle East. Faith, obedience, and mercy are noble virtues. But are there no boundaries?

Bob Dylan said it well:

“God said to Abraham, go kill me a son.

Abe said, Man, you must be puttin’ me on…

God said, you can do what you want, Abe,

but next time you see me comin’, you better run.

Well, Abe said, where you want this killin’ done?

God said, do it on Highway 61.”

Bob Dylan, Highway 61

The Iraq parable is one of power and control, of raw destruction. The American people do not have faith in Bush’s arbitrary use of intimidation as a viable Foreign Policy.

Are we but marionettes? When leadership is devoid of reason must we follow? Should those who resist be labeled as unpatriotic, even Un Christian? Is this not the country of God?

Perhaps. But George Bush is not God.


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