Republican Debate – 1-10-08
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Republican Debate – 1-10-08


Who are these guys? Where did they come from? John McCain is the only legitimate candidate in this field. Fred Thompson is campaigning for vice-president, hoping to return the position to one of ceremony and afternoon naps. Mike Huckabee is seeking the office of Witty Spiritualist. Rudy Giuliani hopes to be Chief Bomb Sniffer. Ron Paul struts around as Don Quixote.  Mitt Romney is running for Chief of What’s Happening Now.

The Republicans have a weak field because the smart folks in that party saw a doomed cause and decided to spend the election season in Las Vegas. If you can’t have direct power – go for the money.

Again – John McCain is the only legitimate candidate. McCain is vastly experienced in everything that this country needs right now. McCain understands war on a level that the others do not even know exists. McCain has that moral sense of humanity – a virtue that usually escapes the Republicans.

McCain has only one drawback. If elected President he will necessarily have to align himself with his party in the Congress. That is truly unfortunate. Who among us respects the behavior of the the Republican dominated congress of the past ten years?


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  1. Noting that Ron Paul struts around like Don Quixote is an interesting perspective.
    While Washington keeps our borders open and allows whatever nationality to INVADE our sovereign state (because what does it matter when the North American Union is established), and Washington continues to devalue the Federal Reserve note with more and more fiat money and we continue to play Caesar throughout the world rather than taking care of America – oh, yeah, now I see it.
    Ron Paul is Don Quixote and you should lay off the crack.

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