Brett Favre – 50 is the new 40
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Brett Favre – 50 is the new 40


Dennis Hopper does a commercial on television for old people.  The commercial proclaims that ’50 is the new 40,’ suggesting that this generation is fundamentally more healthy than in the past.  Brett Favre is a good example.

Favre has proven to be the most resilient football player in history.  He has the longest consecutive game starts of any player in history.  And he is thinking of playing another year.  The pundits are saying, “No way.”  “He is too old.”  “He should retire while he can still walk.”

Favre should be on the commercial with Dennis Hopper.  He dreams differently than many folks.  He believes in himself.  And with cause.  Favre has already broken all of the pertinent quarterback records.  But that is not a reason to quit.

We are blessed to live in an age of modern medicine.  Physiology has been taken to a new level.  50 really is the new 40.  Medical advances and the understanding of physical training has changed the aging paradigm.

Perhaps some changes in the protection of quarterbacks by the NFL have played a role – but Brett Favre is demonstrating that good physical training and a healthy mental attitude add years to our lives and to our careers.


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