Jack Del Rio and mechanized Belichick
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Jack Del Rio and mechanized Belichick


History is being made in the NFL.  The game tonight, Saturday, January 12, will be a milestone.  The New England Patriots have a perfect season, that is to say that they have not lost a game.  But tonight they are facing Jack Del Rio.  He is the coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Del Rio is a club fighter, an in-your-face tough guy.  The Pretty Boy Patriots are going to experience some old fashioned heavyweights.

The Jaguars will bring the game to the Patriots.  They will disrupt the offensive line and challenge the offensive scheming of Belichick.  The Jaguars fans will be singing Big Bad John with the depth of Johnny Cash. There are some big bad boys walking the Jaguars sidelines.

Jack Del Rio knows about big bad boys.  He practically invented the term.  Del Rio brings his personality to the Jaguars – as Belichick brings deliberate machine like discipline to the Patriots.

This is the classic story of man against machine.  The machine has stamina, the man has heart.


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