Converting from Windows to Mac – how intuitive
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Converting from Windows to Mac – how intuitive


I wrote a post last week on my observations of Apple computers in use.  I don’t see many.  but the response from Mac users was overwhelming – giving me reason to pause.  My present Dell computer is a little over three years old and I am beginning to shop around.  I am very interested in a Mac.

I worry that the transition would be more than I am up to.  I have worked with IBM PC’s, gateway, and dell for 25 years.  Almost always with Microsoft products.  In the early days I used WordPerfect and another brand of spreadsheet.  I remember the transition from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word – it was a trying time of change – my productivity dropped for a couple of months while I found my way around.

I worry that the advantages of a Mac would not be worth the trouble of learning a whole new operating system.   Is the Mac really that intuitive?  Would the transition really be as profitable as the Mac users proclaim?  With all the trash talk aside, what are the real benefits of switching to a Mac.  What about my digital camera – it is a Kodac – will it integrate well?  What about the internet connections?  I just do not know enough about a Mac.

Here is how shallow and uninformed I am – Every Mac I see on television is a laptop – is that how the choice?  I don’t even know where to go to look at Mac’s.  They are not carried in any of the office supply stores in my home town.  I live in the Kansas City area – but I am not familiar with the Kansas City computer retail market.

What do you think I should do?


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  1. There is a learning curve, but once you get past it, you will not want to use Windows computers again. Many are comfortable within a week… some users take a little longer.

    Profitability? That will depend on what you do to make a profit. Most new Mac switchers find that their productivity increases after they have overcome the learning curve.

    Internet connections are simple… and the Mac will set them up for you. Even new users who have never been connected are up and surfing within 10 minutes with a Mac.

    Your Kodak digital camera will work fine.\

    Laptops on TV … you see a lot of them because Hollywood uses a lot of Macs in production. Writers use them, videographers use them, editors use them, FX artists use them. Whether a laptop is the choice for you depends again on what you do. Do you travel a lot? If not, I would probably suggest an iMac 20″ or 24″. If you do travel, a Macbook may be sufficient for your needs. If you want to use the Macbook as a desktop substitute, Kensington makes a USB dock that allows you to plug your laptop in through one connection and see the screen on a large LCD screen, use a wireless mouse and keyboard… etc.

    Apple has one of its stores in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza shopping center where you can go and test drive a Mac.

    Finally, in parting, my 92 year old mother uses an iMac. I gave it to her after her WebTV gave up the ghost (actually, Microsoft kept lowering services and mail capacity). She has had no trouble learning how to use it. If she can do it, you can.


  2. I have been having the same debate with myself. I am Microsoft Certified and have been working on Microsft based Servers and Workstations for so long I almost forgot that there was another choice. I have recently recieved a new Workstation and have loaded Linux on it and it felt like I was a newbie to the computer world again.
    I went into an Apple store the other day, I was looking at all the products and have fallen in love. The problem, for half the price of an IMAC I can get a Dell Laptop. Are the Benefits of a Mac that great?
    Please keep us updated on the learning curve if you decide on getting a Mac. I would be very interested in hearing your “troubles”

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