John Ridley on Morning Joe, 1-15-08
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John Ridley on Morning Joe, 1-15-08


John Ridley is a black man, a successful black man. Well, he makes a lot of money and follows his bliss as and NPR Contributor – successful. Joe Scarborough has Ridley on the show to talk about race in politics.

Ridley, “I think this thing is really unfortunate. Race and gender has not really played a role until the past two weeks. In the last week the Clinton’s have said some things that I think have been taken out of context…. Hillary said some things that she should have elaborated on…”

Scarborough quotes some of the comments of the past week from campaign supporters. Ridley, “When a black person says something about Obama nothing is made of it – but when Bill Clinton said something about a Fairy Tale his comments were taken completely out of context… I think what is really important going forward is the both camps need to knock this out… Why be angry at each other? They will have to face the Republicans… One of things that has surprised people about Clinton is that she has shown her human side.”

Williey Geist, “Did the voters lie to the polsters, the Tom Bradley affect.”

Ridley, “When I looked at the numbers it was not a huge collapse of Obama but more of a rise of Clinton… It is more of the Clinton Machine pulling out the votes she needed in the eleventh hour.”

Ridley is a refreshing voice in the frenzied media world.


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