Struggling with winter blues, 1-15-08
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Struggling with winter blues, 1-15-08


I am struggling with the winter blues. Generally I enjoy the changing of the seasons. My perennial flower gardens are one of the great joys of my life – I know spring has arrived when the Hostas first peek out from under the warm blanket of mulch. Summer brings grandchildren baseball games, grilled hamburgers, and fresh cut grass. The brisk air of Autumn colors the trees with vibrancy. But Winter! Yuck! Dick Cheney! This winter has taken a toll on my spirits.
The first snow is beautiful – for about an hour or two. The recent Great Ice Storm of 2007 kicked me harder than I realized. Without power for days I lived in my cave with a fire that offered more companionship than warmth. Mid- January and we in the Midwest have had more winter weather than the last three years combined.

I had started a fitness program late last summer – it was derailed in the Ice Storm and has never gotten back on track. My water heater blew a gasket while the power was out, and then my furnace blew up on Christmas Eve, and the battery on my tuck decided to just roll over and die. None of the events are related – but they have a cumulative affect of diminishing my spirits.

The past few days have seen me moping around my house. The holidays are over. My children and grandchildren are back to their daily lives. The New England Patriot fans are mad at me for writing about the Patriots. The Mac fans are mad at me for questioning Apple Computers. The race for President has degenerated into name calling and the news media is in a feeding frenzy. I am alone with my thoughts – and my feet are cold.

I am on the brink of change. Good or bad, I don’t know. This morning I was thinking I should sell everything and move to Florida. Then I think I should get back on my fitness bandwagon. Then I think – no, go to Florida! Back and forth. I tell myself – only six more weeks of this nonsense weather – then I think, Oh No, Six More Weeks!

I enjoy watching politics like many folks enjoy football. Tonight will see another Democratic Debate. I am looking forward to that – and looking forward to writing some commentary – but I could be watching and writing in Florida!


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